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GC Interview

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:16 pm

GC is being escorted by 5 dark suited security men when he enters the interviewing room where a trembling Charity Modestine awaits. The interviewer motion to the empty comfortable looking light-brown armchair.

Charity Modestine: Gelatinous Cube, what a pleasure to have you here. Please be comfortable to use the chair.

GC keeps staring at Ben Russel, but the security force GC to walk toward the armchair. Out of stubborness GC climbs over the chair and standing over it faces Charity Modestine.

GC: Ok, now I'm comfortably using the chair. Now can we get this over?

Charity Modestine keeps his smile, now forced.

Charity: Sure. Since the beginning of the ORW you had a big animosity with SRG.

Charity makes a pause and looks up as if expecting GC to answer from the top of the chair. GC's masked face keeps staring at Charity, not showing any signs of paying attention.

Charity: Are you listening?

GC: Yes I am. I will remember you that I have agreed to answer 4 questions and this was the first one.

Charity smile is more forced now, but she keeps her forced smile while she risks a question from his notebook and carries on.

Charity: So, what do you think about this rivalry that you and SRG have?

GC looks up for a moment as if pondering about the question and then faces Charity.

GC: I don't care much about other wrestlers, but one thing I can't stand is when someone ruins my shows and destroys my reputation.
Among the many little things he have done to me, the one that marked me the most was when he transformed a great show on the streets of NY that I was making into a pandemonium, with elephants running amok, that ended in my arrest and when I got free he called the cops to arrest me again.

GC punches the air with an uppercut as if jabbing a phantom SRG, but instead he opens a hole on the ceiling.

Charity looks indignated at the white powder that falls due to the GC's uppercut.

Charity: What was that for?

GC: I was practicing my punches. Sometimes this accidents happens. So now with 3 questions out I just need to answer one more before going to do more useful activities.

Charity keeps her forced smile as she scribes something in her notebook. Finally she looks up to GC.

Charity: Wilton Hartley decided to give you the day off today. Could you give us your thoughts about it?

GC: Well, I am aware that Wilton wants to put me out of the show. To be honest, I can't stay still, so I might surprise the ORW fans that came here to see my unique illusionist skills and make an appearance, despite Wilton's will.
And that was my fourth answer.

With this GC jumps over the security guards and runs away from the room. The security start walking towards the door, but after looking at Charity they understand that their work was done.

(continues in another RP)


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