GC Self Interview

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GC Self Interview

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:58 pm

Harold Lambert: We had this time reserved for an interview with the GC but he doesn't seem to exist.

Justin Test: You mean the interviewers weren't able to find him.

Harold Lambert: No one seem to have seen him being defeated by DR, last week.

Rebecca Rahming: It's a shame because I'm curious about what happened last week.

The lights start to dim out. The huge screen starts displaying a wrestler in a green Venom suit with a black background. GC! The crowd starts to whistle and boo furiously.

GC: Puny people of ORW!

The crowd keeps booing very loud.

GC: I thought you were happy of trying to make my life miserable.

The crowd quiets down in confusion.

Harold Lambert: What?

GC: First you call the polices to apprehend my laser machine, when it was obvious that I own it. I had put a paper there saying "Don't touch" but apparently only the policemen saw it. The result was that my laser machine was confiscated.

The crowd laughs.

Harold Lambert: That was an act on the public interest.

GC: The good news is that I got a better one.

The crowd boos again.

Harold Lambert: That is not good news!

Justin Test: If you'd lost your smartphone you would buy a new one. That's what GC did, but with a laser machine.

Harold Lambert: It's not the same thing.

GC lets the crowd to calm down before continuing.

GC: Second, I had 3 people stalking me all over the country.

Harold Lambert: Who's crazy enough to want to approach GC?

Justin Test: I haven't heard of the GC's fan club yet.

Rebecca Rahming seams amused.

Rebecca Rahming: GC's fan club! Ahahah! And Harold Lambert would be it's #1 member.

Harold Lambert: Don't even dream about it!!

GC looks carries on, indifferent to the commentators.

GC: They were Ben, Charity and Gill. The 3 ORW interviewers. It was the whole week concealing myself and running away from them. They've pushed me to the limit, providing an excellent training.

Harold Lambert: Why didn't he just give the interview?

Justin Test: I believe that training will give more results than giving interviews to those 3.

The light seems to get stronger over GC

GC: And third. Everyone has been bugging me if GC is alive.

GC pauses to appreciate the crowd's silence.

GC: Or if I am the real GC. It is amazing that I get to recover from that incident for 1 month and suddenly there are a dozen suitors to be GC. Fortunately SRG somehow managed to get rid of them all.

Crowd boos

GC: I never thought I would be saying this, specially to him: Thank you SRG.

Harold Lambert: If I wasn't here I wouldn't believe he just said that.

Justin Test: Me neither!

GC: This bring me to the last topic I wanted to cover in this enlightenment session, more like a self interview. Calamity!

Crowd boos again.

GC: ORW is a very competitive industry. Only the strongest and most capable are able to join us. Therefore those who aren't 100% and can't train hard enough are left out. That's the reason why Max and Gregory aren't with us this season.

On the other hand, Randy Swofford has exceed all expectations in climbing up fast the ranks and start grabbing titles. I congratulate Randy for that.

Before you get the wrong impression, let me tell you one secret. Calamity is stronger than ever.

Harold Lambert: Impossible! Calamity should be dead!

The light around GC as he looks to the side. The crowd gasps in surprise as they realize GC has been in the ring for all the session. GC walks past the ropes and gets near Harold Lambert.

GC: Shall I force you to join as the #1 member of my fan club?

Harold looks horrified.

Justin Test: Consider this your lucky day, Harold.

[Falcon Pimp entrance]

GC: Or perhaps I should reserve the #1 vacancy for a TNT member like Falcon Pimp.

Is it OK to make an I Quit Match?
If GC wins, Falcon Pimp would sign for GC's fan club, instead of saying "I Quit".


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