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GC interview

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:07 pm

Justin Test: And now we have an exclusive interview with GC.

Harold Lambert: He's not the real one. Anyone can put that suit and mask and pretend to be the one. There's no chance that he would escape from that explosion.

Rebecca Rahming: I hope this interview can enlighten us about this.

The lights dim to half as Gill Donaldson appears in the titantron.

Gill: Hello ORW! With me I have the man that's been the main theme of many debates: Gelatinous Cube!

The camera zooms out revealing a GC sit on a wooden bench lifting up a 20kg weight with his right hand.

Gill: First, thank you for coming GC.

GC ignores Gill and keeps exercising his right arm.

Gill: Everyone has been asking the same question over and over again: How did you survive that explosion?

GC looks at Gill.

GC: I didn't.

Gill is surprised, but carries on.

Gill: What do you mean? If you didn't survive the explosion, you should be dead!

GC: Have you heard that cats have 7 lives? Well, I lost one of my lives on that explosion.

Gill seems to be confused.

Gill: You have multiple lives? How do you explain that?

GC: I won't explain to you the details of this dark magic. What I shall tell you is that I'm no longer the Mr. illusionist nice guy. With this new life I no longer the appraisal of the crowd to perform at my best.

Gill: So what is your philosophy now?

GC: As I said last week, it's through sweating and feeling pain that I will overcome any barrier and get the titles that I deserve.

Still exercising his right arm, GC stands up and walks out of the room.


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