Pre-show Mess

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Pre-show Mess

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:11 pm

There were 15 minutes left before the show begin and the crowd was chatting warmly while they were sitting on their places.
Some lights were flashing as the support crew made the last tests for the show and so no one paid attention when the titantron lights turned into dark green. "Fundamentum" by Lesiem starts playing as the entrance starts get covered with a green mist.

Harold Lambert: This is odd. The show only starts in 15 minutes.

Justin Test giggles with Rebecca Rahming.

Suddenly a figure shout and fell of the arena ceiling. People screamed in shock as the impact from that height would mean certain death.
But as the figure was going to hit the ground, it suddenly stopped and started swinging in mid-air as if he has just been hanged.

Rebecca Rahming: Oh my god!

Harold Lambert: This is serious. Even Wilton Hartley has came out from the titantron to see what happened!

A dark figure is seen walking on the scaffolds near the ceiling of the arena, where spotlights and oddly a grand piano was hanging.

2 staff crew run into the ring only to find out that it was a doll that was hanging. Some people didn't believe, as the red liquid that was staining the crews' hands didn't seem fakeable.

Wilton Hartley looks to the ceiling and orders a nearby security to catch the author of this act.


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