GC's show (pre-match)

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GC's show (pre-match)

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:14 pm

(after SRG's RP)

Suddenly "Lacrimosa" by Mozart starts playing as a smoke starts pouring from the ground covering GC in a green mist.
The crowd stops cheering SRG and starts booing GC's arrival. SRG looks with indignation to GC as his conversation is interrupted.
GC stares back behind his mask and after starts making his way into the ring, with a microphone on his hands.
When GC arrives near the ring, SRG spoke.

SRG: What do you want?

GC takes a deep breath.

GC: I come to entertain my fans.

SRG turns around and ask the fans.

SRG: Do you want GC to entertain you?

The crowd answers in unison.

Crowd: NOOoooo!

GC: I assure you that no one will be harmed and it involves action. Besides, I think you might need some help in captivating the public.

SRG looks surprised to GC.

SRG: You offering me help?

GC: Yes, I'll open an exception and pretend you've never destroyed any of my shows.

SRG thinks for a moment

SRG: Ok, but I'll be watching you.


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