GC and Thanty make a mess

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GC and Thanty make a mess

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:24 pm

This is a RP made between me and Hawk. It will be under construction for a few time.

Thantanos enters a room.

Tnos: Who are you?

GC is happily singing "I was born to love you" by Queen.


GC: I...was born...to love you.....every single day... of my life.....

Gelatinous Cube straightens up as he sees someone standing on the door.

GC: What the heck! What are you doing here?

Thantanos: Who are you?

Gelatinous Cube puts up a perform act.

GC: I am....the Greatest .... magician of all time. I am...

Thantanos: This is my room Magician so GET OUT!!

GC stares at Thantanos as if waking up.

GC: This magnificent cubicle has only space for 1 magician

Still with a grim in his face, Thantanos keeps provoking GC.

Thantanos: Where is my room Mr. Houdini ?

GC: How you dare insult me mentioning such an uninspired and inanimated illusionist? I'll let Wilton deal with orienting you to your pitiful room.

Thantanos laughs again.

Thantanos : Wilton he is a loser ... just like you!

GC: Are you making fun of me? I'll show you what happens when someone doesn't show respect to the great GC!!

GC makes a bad face as he shows his muscles

Thantanos : I want to see magic GC !

GC: I'll make you see magical stars if you don't leave my room!

Thantanos shows his muscles but fails to impress GC and starts looking for a way out. GC looks amused.

GC: Is that all you've got?

GC pick up a chair and throws it towards Thantanos, but he doesn't need to move as the chair flies harmlessly over his head. Thantanos smiles sarcastically.

Thantanos: I think I felt a breeze

The door's silver knob is seen rotating and instants later Wilton enters the room in a bad mood.

Wilton Hartley: What's all this ruckus about?

GC and Thantanos completely ignored Wilton as the tension quite high.
GC picked up a chair and threw it, but Thantanos was faster and bending his left knee he contemplated the flying chair speeding just over his soulder.
Unfortunetly Witon doesn't have the same reflexes as Thantanos and one of the chair legs cut his check and knocks him down.

GC and Thantanos laugh at Wilton

GC: Are you warming up for a Last Blood match?

Wilton Hartley: GC!!!

T'nos grabs a chair and hits it on Wilton's back*

Wilton Hartley: Thantanos!!! You are in deep trouble.

Thantanos prepares to reply but a click from the door diverts all thoughts from Wilton Hartley. 4 wrestlers arrives chatting with each other.
GC and Thantanos looks troubled.

Thantanos: TNT!

GC: I don't care if this is my room or not. I am out of here.

Before TNT had time to understand what was going on, GC and Thantanos sprinted their way through the back door.


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