GC gets a ring for the PPV

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GC gets a ring for the PPV

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:51 pm

[On the GM's office]

Wilton Hartley is quietly on his office reading and signing papers. Footsteps are heard passing softly outside the door.

Wilton Hartley: There is so much work to be done that I had to send GC to take care of the PPV place. I wonder if he will be up for the task.

Wilton Hartley picks up another paper and starts to read. The footsteps seems to be higher as if an elephant was walking nearby.

Wilton Hartley: For heaven's sake. Can't they keep quiet so that I...

Suddenly the door bang open and GC came inside the door.

Wilton Hartley: Could you at least knock at the door?

GC: I thought you knew me better. I never knocked on the door.

Wilton Hartley: Yes, yes...you always banged on the door instead, son.

GC: Be careful with what you say...

Wilton Hartley: Don't you dare to talk to me like that.

Wilton Hartley looks furiously to GC and GC's expression remains unreadable because of his mask.

Wilton Hartley: Let's get back to business. Where you successful?

GC bangs the door shut, throws a sofa upside down and sits on it. Wilton Hartley awaits as if used to this ritual.

GC: I have good news for you. I have arranged a special place for the PPV.

Wilton Hartley expressions lightened.

Wilton Hartley: That's great! Where will it be?

GC: It will be in the egyptian desert. In the great Pyramid of Giza!

Wilton Hartley seems excited.

Wilton Hartley: Really? That's amazing! Wait...was the cost inside the budget?

GC: It was free ... there's one condition.

Wilton Hartley: Just one condition? ... I will want to talk about it later, but leave for now. I have work to do.

GC remains sit over the upside-down sofa.

GC: One more thing before you can get ride of me. You promised if I could find a place for the PPV, you'd let me choose one match.

Wilton Hartley: Oh...that's right. Can't we leave that for next season?

GC: Tonight the new Calamity member ... will fight Duke.

Wilton Hartley looks shocked as GC gets up and walks out of the room without any sound.


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