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GC secret announcement

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:26 pm

Gill Donaldson makes her entrance under the applause and the curiosity of the crowd. Swinging her brown hair, she takes confident steps on her high-heel green shoes towards the ring.

Harold Lambert: I think it is the first time I have seen her inside the ring.

Justin Test: Indeed. It is highly unusual to see an interviewer in front of us. I wonder what she has to say to the ORW world.

Gill Donaldson climbs the steel stairs and then ducks to pass through the cords.

Harold Lambert: It is a pity we don't see her more often. She's very good looking.

Rebecca Rahming: This is a show runned by a sexist group. That's why we get to see so few women around here.

Gill Donaldson tries to smooth her green shirt and her knee-low brown skirt. On the ring there are 2 comfortable-looking coaches over a flurry red rug.

Gill Donaldson looks around smiling as if forced by her nervousness. The crowd awaits patiently for her.

Gill Donaldson: Hello ORW...

Her voice was feeble and trembling and barely audible above the background murmurs, which prompted a steady answer from the crowd

Crowd: What?

Gill Donaldson takes a deep breath and speaks again with much more confidence.

Gill Donaldson: Hello wonderful ORW fans!

The crowd cheered here and awaited for her to carry on.

Gill Donaldson: They were right. It feels wonderful to be here in the ring with this magnificent crowd.

The crowds erupt in cheering again and Gill waits for them to calm down before speaking again.

Gill Donaldson: For the third year in a row, ORW recorded the show that most growed in popularity, and wrestler's ability, according to a ORW study.

Justin Test: That seems biased.

Rebecca Rahming: Just a tiny little bit biased.

Gill Donaldson: I've been given the opportunity to enlighten the situation inside the ORW's backstage.

Harold Lambert: Is she talking about the Calamity terrorism? Or the C-4 dark rituals?

Justin Test: It's probably why TNT was in Wilton Hartley's office forcing him to not give any title shots.

The crowd is silent, as they are interested on this subject.

Gill Donaldson: So in order to help me, I...

Suddenly the lights deem out as the Lacrimosa by Mozart starts playing

From under a green fog come out 4 four druids wearing dark robes with red stripes and carrying wooden staffs topped with a spiral protecting a magical orb.
A giant wobbling gelatinous cube is visible on the center of the 4 druids formation. Slowly, this strange procession makes their way to the ring.

Harold Lambert: GC? What is he doing here?

Justin Test: I guess it is obvious. He is here to interview.

Rebecca Rahming: Wouldn't it be to be interviewed?

Under a whistling crowd, GC lets his illusion to evaporate as he enters the ring.

With a forced smile, Gill Donaldson handles GC a microphone (which was snapped out of her hands) and stretches her arm towards the sofa as if indicating GC to sit down. GC promptly ignored this movement.

GC: A warm welcome as ever....

The crowd keeps booing strongly

GC: I thought you would like to know a little more about the dirty movements of your venerated Wilton Hartley.

GC looks to the public as they soften their boos.

Gill Donaldson: I guess the fans are ready for the interview.

GC: Let's get this over then.

GC walks towards the sofa and kicks it upside-down and sits on it. Gill gets startled but quickly regain her composure and sits on the other sofa.

Gill Donaldson: First of all, thank you for rearraging your busy agenda and be able to come to this special interview. I believe ORW universe will be very grateful to you.

GC doesn't seem to pay attention as he is digging a hole on the bottom of the sofa. The fans didn't like very much Gill's last words and gave a few whistles.

Gill Donaldson: So first of all, I would like to talk about Calamity. How did you formed the group?

GC is still focused on trying different tools to dismantle the sofa. As the waiting silence gets more awkward, GC decided to reply.

GC: That information is confidential.

Promptly, a crowd of boos is heard. As Gill is frustated and is taking too much time to form a new question about Calamity, GC talks again.

GC: I see that you need me to leak something about the Calamity to keep you all happy. Let me see what a tiny secret of the best group in ORW can overwhelm your oversimplistic minds.

GC puts his fist on his chin for a few seconds. Then he picks up a paper from his pocket and reads out loud:

GC: 1 gallon of Milk, 2 loaves of fresh sausage, 2 dozen bats wings, quart of a pint of beer, 4 large bowls of pasta, 2 bulls' horns and a touch of salt and pepper.

The crowd is silenced in astonishment. GC is trembling as he gets up.

GC: These are the ingredients of the not-any-more-secret Calamity stew.

Still under a shocked audience, GC leaves the ring.


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