PPV Introduction

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PPV Introduction

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:23 pm

The lights trembled for a few instances. A tall figure with disheveled hair walks in a zombie-style way towards the ring. It is seems that under the red fog the strange figure is covered with blood and the stuffy splashing sound makes the crowd guess that his bare feet are leaving new bloody footprint with each new step toward the ring.

The crowd gets apprehensive and concerned faces and murmurs are easily detected. The lights trembled again and the mysterious figure disappears, but the wet sound of the bloody steps against the floor, smoothed with a carpet, is still audible as the red footprints keep appearing with each sound.

As the footsteps have almost reached the ring, the lights started to tremble. As the lights stabilized for a few seconds, the audience starting giving sighs of relieve only to see all the lights fade down quickly through the various gradients of red.

Just as it went totally dark, a high pitched girlish scream is heard a few moments after the light goes out. The crowd became totally silenced with terror.

The lights appeared again, trembling, just enough time to show a red creature in the center of the ring.
After another instances of pure blackness, the arena lights appear again, revealing a red fog in the ring surrounding the mysterious figure.

Suddenly a voice is heard:

Mysterious voice: Muhahaha!

As the red fog dilutes into the air, the contours of the mysterious wrestler starts to become more and more visible.

Harold Lambert: Is it GC?

Justin Test: Did he change his suit color to red?

GC waits a few moments.

GC: Today is a bloody day!

GC: Today every wrestler will pass through all the fears that you've experienced a few moments ago. Blood will be the key to survive tonight.

Rebecca Rahming: I've heard that a special cleaning team was hired to clean the ring of the blood spilled after each match.

GC: This day will be engraved in your memories for the rest of your life. Whenever you see blood again, you'll remember innocent cuts in the cheek turning into red fountains, which will make the wrestler faint helplessly at the mercy of his opponent.

GC: Today, every match will be a ... Last Blood Match!!!

GC raises his hand and the lights tremble and go out. When they turn on again, GC and the bloody footprints have disappeared.


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