A lunatic's warm up

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A lunatic's warm up

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:46 pm

A warm chatter flows in the air. The commentators are still excited with the last match. And a lunatic with a Rey Misterio mask deludes the security, gets past the crowd barrier and jumps into the ring.

Justin Test: Oh wait a minute. We have a new contestant who wants to participate in the championship qualifiers.

The crowd laughs. The security jumps into the ring and tries to drag the lunatic. Amazingly he manages to evade the first security. The laughter starts to die as the lunatic keeps evading the security, sending them flying over the ropes.

After 16 security were pilled up besides the ring, a black belt karate specialist security was able to remove the mask. The lights fade out, "Lacrimosa" by Mozart starts playing and the remaining security jumps out of the ring after seeing his undermask. Some crowd members start to whistle after recovering from the shock.

Justin Test: Indeed he is fighting tonight for the qualifiers. He is Gelatinous Cube!

Rebecca Rahming: Why had he had to do such a fuzz?

GC picks up a microphone.

GC: I would like to thank all the security for this wonderful warm-up. Now I'm ready for Tidus.

GC turns to the titantron.


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