GC gets ready for the match

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GC gets ready for the match

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:55 pm

The camera shows Charity Modestine in the entrance of the gym

Charity Modestine: Finally we have spotted GC and I'm about to give him an interview.

Charity Modestine opens the Gym door and is taken back when she sees two GCs sparring in a Karate style.

Charity Modestine: Hello GC. I see that you've got a new sparring partner.

Both GCs ignore Modestine. Charity speaks louder.

Charity Modestine: HELLOO?!?

Boths GCs keep sparring, but they start to loose their color and vanishes.

Charity Modestine: Just an illusion I see.

From behind the camera someone speaks.

Unknown: What are you doing here?

Charity Modestine turns quickly in surprise but recovers quickly.

Charity Modestine: We are here to interview G.... you!

Gelatinous Cube: Didn't I told you I don't want interviews. Let me keep practicing.

Charity Modestine: Making illusions is what makes you stronger?

Gelatinous Cube: In this industry, where every wrestler reaches their maximum physical, the difference is made by small details like this one.

Charity Modestine: So you think your illusions are going to make the difference against Tidus?

Gelatinous Cube starts walking towards the gym.

Gelatinous Cube: They always make the difference.

There's a flash and GC keep walking towards the gym fading away. Without notice, the doors of the gym slammed shut by themselves.

Charity Modestine: That was very strange....but what matters is that I got my interview.

Smiling Charity Modestine turns around and walks away as the camera fades black.


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