SD Coleman vs GC- Entrance

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SD Coleman vs GC- Entrance

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:55 pm

[During the introduction of the wrestlers]

SD Coleman makes his way to the ring wearing a pharao costume!

The crowd goes wild.

Harold Lambert: SD Coleman is warming up for the Egyptian PPV.


GC comes out of the titantron under a big boo and stops when he sees the pharao SD Coleman.

GC turns around and leaves the scene.

The crowd is confused.

Justin Test: What's the matter with him? Coleman's costume can't be that bad.

Harold Lambert: I think that Coleman's costume was so good that GC lost his courage and forfeited.

Rebecca Rahming: That's a shame. I was really looking forward to this match.

In that moment GC appeared again from behind the titantron wearing a bird's mask, resembling the egyptian god Horus.

This time the crowd seems amused to see GC in his new costume.

Rebecca Rahming: I can't believe he changed his costume...I thought it was only for the PPV!

Justin Test: Don't make a fuss about it. It is a glimpse of what we might expect next week.

Harold Lambert: For once I enjoyed GC's attitude.

[match starts]
[once during the match, GC's mask rotates 180ยบ, making GC loose initiative]


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