Calamity introduces the new member

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Calamity introduces the new member

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:54 pm

[before SRG vs Duke's match]

Rebecca Rahming: It appears that GC really have a fans club.

Harold Lambert: Who on his perfect mind would want to join that lunatic's club?

Justin Test: It has one member as far as we know. I tried to apply in the other day, but he didn't let me in.

Harold Lambert: I always thought you were never on your perfect mind, though...

Rebecca Rahming: Stop arguing guys. There's something happening.

On the pathway between the ring and the titantron the air seemed to be "ondulating". This "ondulation" crossed all the path and entered the ring.

Harold Lambert: This smells of GC...but his show should be over now.

The "ondulation" lifts off revealing 3 hooded wrestlers. The crowd starts booing as they see Calamity.

GC: I don't know what crossed in Joey Mercury's mind to misbehave without our authorization, but everyone knows the consequences of breaking our rules.

Crowd boos.

GC: This was a warning for anyone else who dares to break our rules. Now the things that matter. We are about to welcome the new Calamity member.

With the raising of his hands, the lights deem out and torches on both side of the ring light up, making it seem a dungeon passage. A figure covered in a brown cape with a long hood covering his face appears from behind the titantron and slowly makes his way towards the ring under the tune of "I am the Avalanche" by Brooklin Dodgers.

Rebecca Rahming: This is giving me chills. Brrrr...

The hooded figure climbs into the ring and faces GC.

GC: Welcome to Calamity. You already know what's for you but let me announce to everyone.

GC takes a deep breath and addresses to the titantron.

GC: Wilton Hartley, I have chosen my champion. The wrestler who is going to fight Duke is ...

The new Calamity member raises his hands to his hood and takes it off. The crowd gasps in shock.

Some Random Guy: It will be me.

Some Random Guy smirks while the other Calamity members leave the ring and then await for Duke to appear.


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