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Prize Distributions

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:42 pm

Wilton Hartley makes his entrance while the music All I do is win by DJ Khaled is being played. The bandages covering his forehead and the crutch that he uses to steady his steps doesn't match with the confident smile that he bears in his face. With a little help from the staff, Wilton manages to get into the ring.

Wilton Hartley: Wonderful people from ORW! I am so happy to see you again.

The crowd cheers.

Wilton Hartley: This has been the most wonderful and bloody night that I have ever seen.

Rebecca Rahming: Indeed it has been the bloodiest.

Wilton Hartley: And to end this perfect night, we will be attending the traditional prize giving.

The crowd cheers again.

Wilton Hartley: And to present trophy attribution I introduce you ..... GC!!

The crowd starts to boo.

Harold Lambert: Not him again!

Under a red fog, GC makes his way to the ring while Lacrimosa, by Mozart starts playing. But his entrance is also not perfect. Covered with blood, most of it is his blood now, his not so strong posture is easily visible due to being wear from DJ's match. However, he didn't need any help to past through the ropes.

GC sighs as he picks up a micro.

GC: Hello again. Let's get over this

Wilton Hartley gets angry and yells at GC.

Wilton Hartley: Is that what the strongest illusionist can do? Put some energy on it and show us what you can give.

GC looks angrily at Wilton Hartley, but a few instance in a stare fight, GC concedes.

GC: People of ORW, what a bloody night! And to end it, the most anticipated bloody trophies of the season.

GC: Our first trophy is the new comer trophy. It gives a wrestler that signed in this year to be worldwide recognized to have caused the biggest impact.

Wilton Hartley handles a letter to GC, who opens it. GC smiles.

GC: And the winner Supremest Revelation prize is ... the sensational ... Randy Swofford!

Under a booing crowd, a seemingly fresh Randy Swofford makes his entrance into the ring with a very confident steps towards the ring. No one would guess that he had a last blood match this night.

GC: Finally a Calamity member gets the credit that he deserves.

Wilton Hartley handles the trophy to Randy Swofford.

GC: Congratulations Randy.

Randy Swofford: Thank you.

GC: There wasn't much of surprise on who was going to be the winner of the newcomer prize, if you ask me.

Wilton Hartley: I didn't ask you. Now onto the next prize.

GC: Right. The next prize is the Best RP. It's a prize where every ORW wrestler is qualified to win it. And the winner will be the one who has showed the best skills on performing the best RP here on the ORW.

The crowd gets silent eager to know who is the winner.

GC: And the winner is ...

Wilton Hartley handles a letter to GC, who opens it carefully and appears to be surprised when he reads it.

GC: Randy Swofford!

Wilton Hartley: What? Let me see it.

GC handles both letters back to Wilton Hartley, who reads them in disbelieve.

Harold Lambert: GC must be doing his illusionist tricks again.

Justin Test: I don't think so. If he had done his tricks, he would be giving the prize to himself.

Randy Swofford makes his entrance again with the same self-confidence as before, towards the ring, accompanied by Ed Dryden.

GC: And again Randy Swofford, I totally agree with the result of this prize.

GC handles the Best RP trophy to Randy Swofford.

Randy Swofford: I'll remember of this bloody day, not only because of the last blood match I had against Playboy Paul Andrew, but also of being made to run this red carpet up and down twice during the awards ceremony.

GC laughs

GC: It's for a good cause.


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