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Prize Distributions

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:41 pm

HoF - GC awards trophys

Awarding the trophy for the Best Image:

Wilton Hartley stands near GC near the titantron.

GC: Ahh! The best trophy of them all. The one that shows who managed to display the best image of himself towards ORW, and through ORW to the world.

GC: Let me introduce you the contestants:

The first candidate is Gregory Star, who was voted recently as the coolest guy in all local tabloids.

The second candidate is Duke Badass, whose tattooed in his upper torso were on the cover of several magazines this month.

The third candidate is Falcon Pimp, whose charm has made many females faint with ecstasy.

The fourth candidate is Max van Balen, using the urban style.

The fifth candidate is Dat Bii, mixing James Bond and Michael Jackson, ending with a very appellative style.

GC pauses as he doesn't sees his name on the list.

GC: I don't why I wasn't even considered for this magnificent trophy. Yes, me! The greatest artist that the world has known!

Wilton Hartley clears his throat.

GC: Argh... I didn't want this trophy anyway. And now for the big winner.

GC opens an envelop.

GC: That is a real surprise! The winner for the best image Trademark is...

GC pauses for a few seconds

GC: The one of a kind, the awesome, the Gelatinous Cube

The crowd is silent due to the shock and Wilton Hartley steps in.

Wilton Hartley: That's enough GC. One more warning and I'll cut your wage by half.

GC: What??? I was only joking!

Wilton Hartley: That was a bad joke. Please tell our wonderful crowd who won the best image trademark.

GC looks tense as it starts talking again.

GC: Right, but I don't agree with this. The winner of this trophy is.... Duke Badass!

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin begins to play throughout the arena and Duke comes out and makes his way to the ring.

Wilton Hartley: Congratulations Duke! You were always perfect with your image!

Reluctantly Gelatinous Cube handles the trophy to the radiant Duke.

Duke: Thanks Wilton. (looks around the arena) And thanks to all of you for voting for me. I already won the SS title but you guys just made my night even better. Thank you.

Gelatinous Cube: Of course. They were the ones that voted on you.

Supremest Revelation

GC: And now I will award the Supremest Revelation. The award reflects on which wrestler has shown the be most talented from the recent ORW acquisitions.

GC: And the candidates for the Supremest Revelation award are...:
Max Van Balen, Nighthawk, Kouhi Ronaka, Merle, big papi, RoylerGracie.

GC takes a deep breath to build suspense.

GC: And the winner is my tag partner, ...

Wilton Hartley points to the envelop.

GC: Oh, sorry, I was thinking of his victory in the triple threat match 2 weeks ago

Wilton Hartley: Right, please carry on.

GC picks up the envelop, opens it and smiles.

GC: And the supremest revelation of the ORW is .... Kouhi Ronaka

Kouhi Ronaka makes his entrance into the ring at the sound of Genesis.

KR: Thank you wonderful people of ORW

Crowd cheers KR

GC: You must be kidding. There is no way he could beat Max.

KR lifts his arms and ends up punching GC's jaw. GC surprise is quickly replaced by anger, but before he could take a step Wilton Hartley cleared his throat.

Wilton Hartley: Very well Kouhi Ronaka. I am also quite impressed by your first season with us. I am looking forward to keep see you improving next season.

Best RPer

GC: And now it is time to award the Best Rper of this season. The Best Rper award goes for the most original and engaging actor.

And the candidates are...

GC looks at the list

GC: I won't read it.

Wilton Hartley clears his throat.

GC: You sure have some throat problems. I'll give you candy that will help you out.

Wilton Hartley: There's no need, thanks!

GC: Summing up, the candidates are almost all the wrestlers from ORW. And the winner is...

GC picks up the envelop and gives it to Wilton Hartley. As the confused Wilton Hartley is going to pick it up, GC takes the envelop back and opens it.

GC handles the envelop to Wilton Hartley and leaves the arena. Wilton Hartley reads the letter and smiles.

Wilton Hartley: Hey GC! Come back here and this is my last warning!

GC takes a few seconds before walking slowly again near Wilton Hartley

GC: You really want to humiliate me, don't you?

GC reads the envelop again

GC: So, the best Rper for this season is.... Duke Badass

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin blasts throughout the arena as Duke comes out and makes his way to the ring and gets in.

GC: Again?!? Have you been doctoring the polls?

Duke: Did you hear that ORW Universe? GC thinks I've been cheating, what do you guys think?

crowd says NOOOO

GC: How do you explain this?

Duke: ORW universe!! Did you vote for me?

crowd chants in unisson YESS!!

Duke: There you go. The greatest fans in the world keep getting better. And this night keeps getting better for me. SS Champion, Best Visual Trademark AND best RPer. This has been the best night of my career. Thank you to you all again.

Wilton Hartley: There's no arguing the facts, so GC give the prize to Duke.

GC: I still think there's something fishy around here.

GC hands the trophy to Duke as the crowd cheers.


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