Calamity shows up!

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Calamity shows up!

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:37 pm

Harold Lambert: That is it! SRG is going to win.

Suddenly the titantron starts showing the words "Fame", "Power", "Money" between thunders while Pulse of the maggots by Slipknot starts playing. SRG stops attacking MVB and watches the new threat.
The crowd's cheers fade down as 3 grey hooded figures emerge from the titantron and walks toward the ring.

Justin Test: They seem familiar to me.

SRG stares for a while to the new figures and then runs for MVB and tries a pinning manouvre.
NO!!! One of the hooded figures kicks SRG breaking the hold.

The referee rings the bell to end the match.

The 3 mysterious figures grab SRG, throw SRG into the air
and the 3 of them deliver an uppercut at the same while SRG is falling down executing a Mortal Calamitous Fall

Justin Test: What an attack magnificently executed!

Rebecca Rahming: A Calamitous Fall left SRG unconscious on the ring.

Harold Lambert: He didn't deserve this.

Justin Test: There's no need to cry now. The match is over and I guess they have something important to reveal.

Harold Lambert looks sideways to Justin Test and is about to reply when one of the hooded figures puts a micro on his mouth and appears to swallow it.
The crowd becomes silent. The other 2 figures chuckles and one of them puts his micro on.

Hooded Figure #1: ORW!!!

Crowd is absolutely silent. MVB is still looking confused to the 3 figures.

Hooded Figure #1: This is the beggining....of a new era!
An era where the ORW crowd will be clarified about the beauty of the wrestling art that we do better than anyone else.

Hooded Figure #2: This means this the end of the old era!
The era where loosers would win matches and have fame, not for their skills, but only for their name and their lobbyst friends.
For this era we have said ENOUGH!!!

Hooded Figure #3: Who is with us?

The crowd is split between cheers and booing.

Hooded Figure #3: Who is with...

The 3 wooded figures takes their hoods off revealing Gregory Star, Gelatinous Cube and Randy Swofford as they say: "CALAMITY!"

The crowd still cheers but now it is overwhelmed by boos.

Harold Lambert: I am afraid of imagining ORW ruled by this guys.


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