Modestine interviews GC

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Modestine interviews GC

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:36 pm

The camera focus on Charity Modestine talking with Wilton Hartley.

Charity Modestine: Seriously, I don't think I am able to do that.

Wilton Hartley: I have a bet to win. Confirm me that information about Max, or you may have a really bad time.

Charity Modestine gulps and Wilton Hartley walks away laughing.

Charity Modestine breaths deeply and then starts walking decidedly towards the changing rooms, opens the door and freezes for a few seconds and pushes the cameraman out of sight banging the door. From the inside is possible to hear GC yelling.

GC: Who dares to enters my private changing room while I'm changing clothes and stares at me naked?

Charity Modestine turns red.

Charity Modestine: I am sorry GC. The door was unlocked so I thought I could make a few quick questions for the ORW magazine.

For a few moments GC doesn't say anything, but after that he opens the door and appears with only his trousers and boots on.

GC: What do you have of so urgent to ask, that doesn't give you time to knock at the door and wait for the reply?

Charity Modestine: You have very nice muscles.

GC is caught by surprise and tries to argue back, but Charity is faster.

Charity Modestine: My first question is: Do you feel happy with your tag title?

GC: What a question! Of course I am happy with My Title. What ...?

Charity Modestine: So you have no problem with Max being injured?

GC: How do you know he is injured?

Charity Modestine: Was it during the last match when you got the tag title?

GC: Yes, but ...

Charity Modestine: Is that why you don't want to defend your tag title so soon?

GC: I've never said that. Now you hear me you ...

Charity Modestine: Thanks, I'm done.

Charity Modestine flees as GC steps forward. GC looks to the cameraman and after a bump, a crack appears in the image as GC's image starts translading vertically and with a halt it stops the movement, where it is visible on the left side of the screen the white marble squared floor and on the right side, GC's boots closing in and eventually turning the screen to black. Screams can be heard as GC unleashes his fury on the cameraman.


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