GC messes with Wilton Hartley

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GC messes with Wilton Hartley

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:33 pm

Ring Announcer: "Introducing first, the strongest illusionist of the world: the Gelatinous Cube"!
Gelatinous Cube makes his way to the ring
under the illusion of a big cube made of gelly
surrounded by four druids wearing dark robes with red stripes and carrying staffs

As GC picks up a micro and motions it toward his mouth, the crowd starts to boo.
GC looks suprprised.

GC: How you dare you to be me? I haven't started yet.

The crowd keeps booing.

GC: Would you prefer me starting with something more fantastic, that you thought it would be impossible?

More boos from the crowd.

GC: For an entire minute no one will be able to hear the boos, as probably no one will be able to boo at me.

Harold Lambert: Is he going to show or say that the Duke is the best?

Justin Test: GC wouldn't lower his reputation by doing something so trivial.

GC: Are you ready?

Crowd boos en mass.

GC puts the micro in his sleeve and after a second the screeching sound grows louder until it becomes impossible to hear anything else. GC looks unaffected on the center of the ring looking to his clock while the crowd is agonizing with their hands over their hears in an attempt to save their hears.

After 1 minute GC takes the micro out of his sleeve and motions into his mouth. With a smile he looks around as the crowd is recovering from the recent sonorous assault.

GC: The lovely sound of silence!

GC's smile is shattered by the entrance of Wilton Hartley.

Wilton Hartley: What the heck was that?

GC looks as if he was insulted.

GC: A top-class magician never reveals his techniques.

Wilton Hartley: I am not asking how you did it. I am asking why you had to torment our wonderful crowd.

Crowd starts reacting and is now audible a group of people chanting: "Wilton Hartley! Wilton Hartley!"

GC: How can you say they are wonderful? They are like spoiled brats! Someone has to teach them to show some respect.

Wilton Hartley: You could try that by not behaving like one.

The crowd laughs.
A staff man in suit runs and delivers his message to Wilton Hartley, who seems to be in shock after hearing the news.

GC: What happened? Has my new laser beam device order just arrived?

GC laughs at himself. Wilton Hartley is visibly angered as he sends the man back with a shout and turns to GC.

Wilton Hartley: You ordered a what? I actually don't care. Do you have any idea what you're petty trick has caused? Your tag opponent, Royler Gracie is at the moment at the hospital with a considerable pain in his hears due to be too close to the loudspeakers. Hawk is also in no condition to fight tonight due to the same reasons.

GC grins with malice.

GC: That's a shame. Royler unable to defend his tag title. It seems that by the end of the night, me and Max will have our rightfull tag title back.

Crowd boos. Wilton Hartley's face is pure hat

Wilton Hartley: We just had 2 casualities and you keep on thinking just on the title? You disgust me. I'll tell you what: As Royler is unable to fight, you will have to fight Duke...

GC: Big deal...

Wilton Hartley: And Maestro

GC: Is it for the tag title?

Wilton Hartley: No, because you will be alone.

GC: What? That would be unfair!

Wilton Hartley: Don't tell me what is fair or not! And it will be a Hardcore Match!!!

The crowd goes wild. GC's mouth is opened in disbelieve as Wilton Hartley walks away.

(In the next RP I'll make just Duke vs GC, putting Maestro aside)


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