GC vs Duke and Maestro

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GC vs Duke and Maestro

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:33 pm

(GC's normal with the difference that there are 3 druids instead of 4)

Ring Announcer: "Introducing first, the strongest illusionist of the world: the Gelatinous Cube"!
Gelatinous Cube makes his way to the ring
under the illusion of a big cube made of gelly
surrounded by three druids wearing dark robes with red stripes and carrying staffs

(Duke and Maestro entrance)

Duke starts the match and Maestro waits on the corner outside the ropes

(match starts and after a few rounds)

The three dark robed druids sneak behind Maestro,
hit him untill he becomes unconscious
and drag him towards the titantron

Harold Lambert: Something tells me that these 3 hooded figures are members of the Calamity

Justin Test: You are too imaginative. Is GC going to perform a ...?

(match continues as a 2 man match (hardcore))

(If Duke doesn't mind increasing the feud between our stables)

(At the near end of the match)
The three hooded druids return silently to the side of the ring


A hooded druid points a laser to Duke's face

Harold Lambert: That druid is trying to blind Duke!
Justin Test:
Harold Lambert: Why does no one do something about this hooded Calamity members?

Duke becomes distracted, loosing the initiative


Duke tries a pinning manouvre
Nooo! A hooded druid enters the ring and hits Duke breaking the countdown

While the referee is distracted, a second hooded druid enters the ring
The other 2 hooded druids enter the ring
and hit viciously Duke
The 2 druids roll GC over Duke
and get out of the ring
The referee turns and sees GC pinning Duke
The referee starts counting
GC wins the match!

The crowd boos en mass

Justin Test: And there goes another victory to GC!

Harold Lambert: That was totally unfair! Duke had the match totally under control, if it wasn't for the Calamity.

Rebecca Rahming: Duke dominated the match, but in the end GC, snatched up the victory. It appears to pay off to be part of such a cohesive team.

The three hooded druids enters the rings and help GC get to his feet. After insulting Duke for a few seconds, the three figures faces the crowd.

One by one, the druids put down their hoods, showing the identity of 3 wrestlers stars: Gregory Star, Max van Balen and Randy Swofford.

The crowd boos with more strength. Gregory Star picks up a micro.

Gregory Star: I see that you are happy to see you again. And I am happy to see you again...because there are a few things that we need to discuss. That I need to elucidate you all.

Harold Lambert: Am I imagining things or a calamity member trying to chat with the crowd?

Gregory Star: What is a champion? By definition, a champion is the wrestler that is the strongest, that is able to accept challenges and defend his title. Do you agree with me?

The crowd becomes silent with agreement.

Gregory Star: And I will tell what is not a champion. For over 2 weeks the birdman is sitting comfortably in his throne without having to wrestle at all.

Rebecca Rahming: He has got a point there.

Gregory Star: And what is the point of existing a tag title if our General Manager doesn't allow tag teams to fight for it?

Max: And what was the point of sending a wrestler in a handicap match and hardcore match? That is why we came here this match. To make justice!

Randy Swofford: And justice has been made. And justice will be keep being made while Wilton Hartley keeps making these injustices.

Gregory Star: And for injustices there is a cure. And that is the ... CALAMITY!!


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