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Ads - Don't try this at home

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:29 pm

On the screen the Cubic DDT movement is being applied repeatedly by GC over different wrestlers, while the music "I want you bad" by Offspring is being played.
With a blurring of the movies clip, GC's Head and torso appears on the first plan.

GC: Puny ORW fans. My name is Gelatinous Cube and I am the strongest magician and wrestler of the world.

An indiscernible shout from behind the camera seems to put GC more tense.

GC: The actions that we perform on the ring are....Dangerous. Several wrestlers have broken bones, and some even their necks, with a big consequence on their future.

Horrifying clips of wrestlers smashing oddly onto the ground and screaming for their mums are seen for a few seconds.

GC: I am here on behalf of your friends and your family. So if you don't want to make them cry, please don't try this at home.

Wilton Hartley approaches GC to congratulate him for doing something good to ORW, but GC carries on.

GC: On the other hand, I can show you an illusion that will make everyone awe struck.

GC picks up a few balls. Wilton Hartley, after a few moments of hesitation, steps back.

GC: Here I have got 3 balls. To make it more interesting, consider these as smell bombs that you want to throw at your teachers.

GC juggles the 3 balls for a few seconds and when the audience looks better, they realize that the balls are gone.

GC: Now they seem to be gone. What happened was that I have a special wire that opens when I want allowing the balls passing through the sleeve and storing in an inside pockets. Imagine the possibilities: smelly bombs to be thrown at class; memory help papers to help during the exames. Visit the site to know more and impress everyone.


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