GM Wilton Hartley gets sacked

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GM Wilton Hartley gets sacked

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:49 pm

[in the ring]

The lights on the ring dim on, showing a huge yellow-sand cave-like space. In the center is a ring made of this palid-yellow stone. Each turnbuckle is represented an egyptian god with well carved stone, except for one where lies a sarcophagus. The red fat ropes would fit perfectly if not for the strange black objects that were stuck on it. The tickets were sold out in just 2 days so all the chairs have an owner sit on them.

Rebecca Rahming: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the ORW's PPV inside the great pyramid of Giza. And what a great atmosphere we have here tonight!

Harold Lambert: Indeed! I have never witnessed such enthusiasm, even after the show had started.

Justin Test: And I love the ring. It has a sarcophagus in one corner and, correct me if I'm wrong, but those ropes are coated with spikes!

Harold Lamber: Ye....WHAT?

Rebecca Rahming: I thought that was just bad decoration.

Harold Lambert: Who ruined the show by putting those spikes? The wrestlers might get seriously injured with that!

Justin Test smiles and as Harold Lambert is about to attack him, "All I do is win" starts playing and Wilton Hartley makes his way to the ring.

Harold Lambert: I hope Wilton Hartley can clarify us about those spikes.

Wilton is smiling as he high-fives on the left side, low-fives on the right-side of the corridor and hypothetically high-fives the commentators. Wilton climbs onto the ring, but cuts his hands when he grabs the ropes.

Wilton Hartley: Oh my, what a scenario for the PPV!

Crowd cheers. Wilton Hartley doesn't seem too happy.

Wilton Hartley: I confess that this ring is a big surprise for me. But nevertheless it's going to be great!

Crowd cheers and Wilton Hartley seems more confident.

Wilton Hartley: As your beloved GM, I have a few surprises planned for tonight, but let me say...

Wilton Hartley stops talking and the crowd goes quiet as they see the sarcophagus cover being lifted....from the inside?
A bandaged hand grabs the sarcophagus edge and then a mummy rises from it. Wilton Hartley goes to the opposite corner of the ring as he is suspicious of what's happening. He looks to the titantron as if looking for help, before addressing to the mummy.

Wilton Hartley: May I ask what are you doing here?

The mummy pick up a micro.

Mummy: I am the owner of this pyramid...

Wilton Hartley: Really? I am sure ...

Mummy: and the new GM of the ORW!

Crowd gasps in shock. The commentators are shocked. Wilton Hartley is shocked.

Wilton Hartley: What? How so?

Mummy: I believe you remember that a certain Gelatinous Cube signed a contract on your behalf a week ago.

Wilton Hartley: That contract! Is that what those hieroglyphs meant? I still can't believe it.

Wilton Hartley turns to the titantron.

Wilton Hartley: GC. Come here, NOW!!!

"Lacrimosa", by Mozart starts playing as Gelatinous Cube comes out and waits near the titantron under a chorus of boos and whistling.

Wilton Hartley: What is the meaning of this?

Gelatinous Cube: You said that you would accept any conditions, as long as it was under the budget. And that's what I did.

Wilton Hartley: Do you know the consequences of this?

Gelatinous Cube seems to be enjoying the situation.

Gelatinous Cube: I certainly do. For once we will have a decent show with a decent GM.

Gelatinous Cube leaves the scene. Stupefied, Wilton Hartley turns to the mummy who is now even closer.

Wilton Hartley: I am sure we can solve this situation.

Mummy: And I am sure this situation is already solved. Now stop interrupting my show and leave before I change my including you in the challenge.

Wilton Hartley prepares to leave the ring.

Wilton Hartley: What kind of challenge?

Mummy: Consider yourself part of the show then.

Mummy laughs as Wilton Hartley becomes scared and leaves the ring. Mummy turns his attention to the booing crowd.

Mummy: And now it is time for the best wrestling analyst of the world: the Wrestling Guys!!! I want to know their opinion about who's the favorite for the Extreme Annihilation title.

The lights dim out as the Wrestling Guys appear in the huge screen.


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