GC's entrance

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GC's entrance

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:20 pm

The background music starts to be heard allowing some members of the crowd muttering that "Fundamentum" by Lesiem is being played.
After a while is perceptible some haze hovering over the titantron and all the way to the ring. What was not perceptible was the fading of the lights from bright white into green giving a creepy sensation that you were in the witch's lair from the Wizard of Oz.
After a while the sound of hooves hitting the ground becomes less associated with the music and after a few seconds horses are seen entering the scene.
4 Druids are mounting each a brown mare, while in the middle over a black horse with green stripes is a grey suited with green tones, emulating a green Venom from Spiderman.

Justin Test: Gelatinous Cube! His entrances are always a pleasure to watch.

Harold Lambert: With this lame show it could only be him. Who you thought he was? Santa Claus?

As the procession arrived the ring, the druids turned to face GC, brandished their orb-ended staffs and started chanting a ritualistic music. The haze grew even further, not allowing to see which was the process used that made it seem that the black horse stepped into the ring by himself.
After a few turns around the ring, GC lifted the microphone.

GC: ORW! I Am Back!!!!

As if awakening from a hypnosis, the crowd starts to react. Some applauded for the cool entrance, others booing just because they don't like him. Most, however, are still uncertain how to react.

GC: New season means new life. With that I mean that I am Stronger than Ever!

Contrary to what GC waits, the majority of the crowd stays quite.

GC: Whatever. Bring me my opponent!

All I do is win by DJ Khaled starts playing as Wilton Hartley makes his entrance. The crowd start chanting his name.

Rebecca Rahming: Is GC going to fight our GM Wilton Hartley? There is something wrong.

Wilton walks a few steps but doesn't get too far from the titantron.

Wilton Hartley: Gelatinous Cube. As you know this a 1 versus 1 one fall match.

Gelatinous Cube: Yes, I am well aware of that. If you are my opponent, I'm ready for you.

Wilton Hartley: What I am trying to say is that the horse is not allowed to step into the ring and even less allowed to fight.

Gelatinous Cube: After all the work we had to put him into the ring...

GC hits hard on the horse's rump and it jumps over the ropes running wild into the titantron. Wilton Hartley avoided the horse by jumping into the crowd.

Wilton Hartley: Much better. Answering your previous question: I am not your opponent, because tonight you will be fighting Falcon Pimp!

(Falcon Pimp makes his entrance)


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