Illusion tests - Don't do this at home ad

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Illusion tests - Don't do this at home ad

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:17 pm

Gelatinous Cube is sitting in a simple wooden chair while repeatably passes cards from one hand to the other. As the camera rotates around GC, it becomes visible that the pack of cards are being pressed by his lower right hand making them jump into his upper left hand, taking 1 second to completely pass all the cards from one hand to the other.
As GC continues his practice, it becomes more perceptible that the only card visible that is at the bottom of the deck changes every time the new cycle starts.

GC: The beauty of magic. Every movement is an illusion as the real goal is always something higher. Take this card for instance. For you it is just a pathetic card. For me...well, it can be anything. For instance, it can be a dove.

GC throws the card and a white dove starts to fly from where the card was.

GC: The amazing thing is that wrestling is not too much different. When everyone sees that I'm punching my opponent, in reality I'm not attacking him randomly, oh no! In reality I'm trying to hit in certain areas of the head which will make them loose focus or trying to break a bone.

GC sighs

GC: From your look, it seems that it needs to be demonstrated.

GC stands up and faces the chair.

GC: I'm going to hit this chair in the upper left side, but the result will breaking the front right leg.

GC gives a tremendous punch on the upper left side of the chair ending up lifting the left side and putting a great stress on the front right leg, ending up by breaking it.

GC: Here in ORW we have a 50% tax rate of hospital visits. Broken bones, dislocations and deep cuts ARE real in wrestling and we suffer for each of this problems.
We do this so you don't need to do. Stay safe. Don't try this at home.


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