Wilton meets with SRG

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Wilton meets with SRG

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:14 pm

(after some other RPs)

On GM's office, Wilton Hartley is seen with his hands in his head as GC messing up the show and Gregory Star keeps making personal accusations.

Wilton Hartley: What got the mind of those two? They are going to ruin the show!!

Wilton Hartley keeps walking back and front in his office as he thinks.

Wilton Hartley: I need someone to teach them a lesson and stop their disruptive behavior once and for all.

Someone knocked at the door making Wilton Hartley break his walking loop, by heading to his dark chair behind the wooden desk. He breathed deeply a few times to regain his composure before answering.

Wilton Hartley: Come on in.

Some Random Guy opens the door and walks in directly into Wilton Hart.

SRG: Wilton, I should have won last week's match. GC caught me unprepared and that gave him the crucial advantage.

Wilton Hartley: What is done, is done. I can't make him fight you every time you ask.

Wilton Hartley looks to his computer screen and sees Hieu training hard on the gym. Suddenly all the lights goes out for a few seconds as a hysterical laughter is heard.

Wilton Hartley: That GC again!! SRG, you and Hieu will fight GC now. I want an end to this!

SRG smiles as he walks back to the door.


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