How to be trustworthy

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How to be trustworthy

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 9:47 pm

A wind blows through the arena, chilling the wrestling enthusiasts. It was the first time that the arena had such a strong wind. Did someone let the doors open?
As "Enola Gay" by OMD started playing, the fans started to look upwards to the roof. There was something coming down from the...starry night?
A masked man sit on a big metallic cylinder lift a microphone to his mouth.

Masked Man: This is an exact replica of what the "Enola Gay" is famous for.

Suddenly, some of the fans freeze of fear.

Justin Test: He's back!

Harold Lambert: Oh my god! He almost killed me once. Will he try to do it again with that bomb?

Gelatinous Cube looks towards Harold Lambert.

GC: That's right. This is an atomic bomb!

The crowd boos slightly for knowing he's GC, but are mostly quite in fear for the possibility to make it blow.

The "" by __ starts to play as GM ____ appears from behind the titantron.

GM: What an irresponsible thing to do, GC. What do you intend to do with it? Cause another international incident?

GC looks shocked.

GC: Me? Cause an international incident? Never. The Egyptian pyramid's collapse were due to the architecture not being build according to the Egyptian law's and recommendations.

GM: Yet it was one of the most ancient building that was still standing. What do you intend to do with that bomb?

GC looks down and caressed the atomic bomb.

GC: I was advised to regain the fans' trust. So I decided to bring this atomic bomb and show that they can trust me not to make it blow.

GM looks incredulous, but regains his composure.

GM: Ok... You've shown how trustworthy you are today. Now, what are you going to do with the bomb?

GC looks down, thinking.

GC: I don't know. Does someone wants it? Please raise your hands, so I can start the biddings.

GC looks around but no one raises his arm.

GC: I guess I'll have to throw it away on some pit.

The fans eyes widened.

GM: I heard that the nearest pit was 500 miles southward from here.

GC: I guess I should be going then.

With that, GC and his atomic bomb start lifting towards the open roof.

Harold Lambert: Good riddance.

Rebecca Rahming: For a moment I feared for my own life.


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