GC tags with Gregory Star

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GC tags with Gregory Star

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:11 pm

Harold Lambert: Will GC stops with this childish pranks and lets the show go on?

The hysterical laughter stopped and the lights were turned on again.

Rebecca Rahming: I wonder who will fight next.

Justin Test: Knowing Wilton, he might want to send a team of wrestlers just to take care of GC.

Harold Lambert: Yes, I hope he does that.

A mist starts appearing.

Harold Lambert: Oh no! I'm getting sick of this. GC is going to make another of his tricks.

As the mist gets denser, "Living in a Dream", by Finger Eleven starts playing. Gregory Star appears behind titantron.
[GC appears in the middle of the ring and mist starts dissolving]
(Gregory Stars' entrance RP)

(SRG & Hieu's entrance RP)


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