GC plays with fire

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GC plays with fire

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:10 pm

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica starts playing as a red mist starts rising and red flames start dancing in the titaton's entrance. With a Red suite, GC appears from the smoke, trembling with the same rhythm as the fire.

GC walks slowly towards the ring, leaving a trail of fire behind. He walks around the ring before entering it, surrounding it with flames.

Justin Test: These flames seem so real!

Harold Lambert: Knowing GC and how he doesn't think about safety, these may really be real.

As the flames heat the arena, the fans start to get back from the barriers. One coat caught fire, which triggered a few screams of indignation and protest.

Among the roaring sound of the flames burning, GC reaches the center of the ring and, with punch on the ground, the flames are suddenly gone!

The crowd stays silent for a minute, but after a minute their start to boo GC.

GC: ORW! The world's best illusionist should be applauded after his show, not booed.

Crowd boos strongly.

GC: You puny disrespectful samples of person. Come here to the ring so I can teach you what respect is!

Crowd keeps booing.

GC: Whatever. I don't know or care if Wilton wants to see piece of what could have been a Calamity vs C-4. I'm only here because I may get my title back on PPV. This is, if Wilton keeps his promises.

GC turns around to the titantron

GC: And I am satisfied that Gregory Star, who has also suffered from Wilton's lack of respect, will assist me in this quest to get the title.

[Gregory entrance]


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