Calamity tag team entrance

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Calamity tag team entrance

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:04 pm

Fundamentum by Lesiem starts playing as green mist starts rising.

Justin Test: Green mist? This means that the real GC is making his entrance!

Harold Lambert: Hold your horses Justin. It doesn't mean that the old GC is back as anyone can do that.

Suddenly the music changes to Pulse of the maggots by Slipknot and rotatory red lights starts spinning as if there was an emergency. Part of the crowd gets confused before realizing that it is an entrance.

Two characters emerge from the mist. One has a pumpkin as a helmet and the rest of the body is covered with a black cape, and the other wrestler has a dark suit with white neon lights in the shape of bones.

Rebecca Rahming: Those outfits makes me shiver.

Harold Lambert: Those 2 have been caught by the Halloween mood.

Justin Test: GC comes fleshless and I think that is Gregory Star that comes with the pumpkin-head.

Harold Lambert: I would believe that he was the real GC if there wasn't a head inside that pumpkin.

After entering the ring both wrestlers pick up a microphone and the music dies.

GC and Gregory: Calamity has arrived!

Crowd starts booing softly.

Gregory: We have a few things to clarify with you all.

Crowd: What?

GC: We don't really have to clarify anything...

The crowd starts getting curious

Crowd: What?

Gregory: Indeed, we don't have to.

Crowd: What?

GC: Actually the first thing is nothing new. It is...

GC looks to the crowd when they shout again

Crowd: What?

Gregory: The first thing is: Calamity was formed because we, that is me, GC, Randy and Max(?), we were being ostracized by the General Manager, Wilton Hartley.

Crowd boos

GC: And with our constant pressure, we were able to convince Mr. Hartley to give us all title shots. And I say this. If we did not unite with each other and let our opinion be heard in uncommon ways, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Crowd boos louder.

Justin Test: True story.

Harold Lambert: Were I the GM, they would never get a chance to smell the title.

GC and Greg talk with each other until the boos fade off.

Gregory: And then there's the second thing... and don't say what.

Crowd: What?

Gregory: I said: DON'T SAY WHAT!

Crowd responds louder

Crowd: WHAT?

GC: You seem to have as much respect as an ant for the stars. None.

Crowd boos

Rebecca Rahming: What kind of comparison was that?

Gregory: The second thing is: On our Crusade to change Wilton Hartley's mind, we stepped over a group called TNT.

Crowd cheers for TNT.

GC: I am not sure why they decided to take it personally and make attempts to stop our crusade.

Gregory: Perhaps they thought they could get any of Wilton Hartley's favor with it.

GC and Gregory laughs while the crowd boos.

GC: Calamity has always beat TNT down, and tonight it will be no exception.

Harold Lambert: I remember a few occasions where TNT had the upper hand over Calamity.

Gregory and GC turns to Harold Lambert.

GC: We didn't ask your opinion.

Gregory: How dare you criticize us?

GC and Gregory leave the ring towards Harold Lambert. GC picks up a steel chair from under the ring.

GC: I'll make you regret those words.

[TNT's tag team entrance]


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