SRG cleans fake GCs

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SRG cleans fake GCs

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 10:03 pm

[Before the SRG's and DR's match]

Lacrimosa, by Mozart starts playing as a green mist starts rising.

Justin Test: Oh boy! Here comes GC!

Harold Lambert: Not that freak again!!

A wrestler in a green suit with a mask resembling a dark skull makes his way through the mist towards the ring. He picks up a micro and addresses to the crowd in an indignated tone:

GC: Had you have doubts about my existence? I challenge you to test me!

The music restarts again and an orange suited wrestler walks through an orange mist into the ring.

GC: How dare you steal my identity? If you want forgiveness from the real GC, that's me, kneel before me impostor.

GC: I am the real GC!

Suddenly Lacrimosa starts playing again as a blue GC comes out of the titantron.

Harold Lambert: I'm getting sick of hearing this music.

The blue GC walks towards the ring waving and hi-fiving the audience while jumping towards the ring.

Rebecca Rahming: This is the happy version of GC!

The blue GC jumps into the ring.

GC: I am the real GC. You two buzz off!

The other 2 GC's still gaze at each other in hate.

"Santa Claus is coming to town" starts playing as a red GC with a big belly and a Xmas cap starts walking towards the ring distributing presents to the animated crowd.

Rebecca Rahming: It seems santa claus is in the house.

Justin Test: That's definetly a fake GC!

GC: Let's go for votes. Who do you want to be the real GC?

The other 3 GC's ignore him.

Harold Lambert: Please, stop this nonsense!

Suddenly "Girls just want to have fun" by Cyndi Lauper starts playing as a pink GC walks through a pink mist, shaking his...her body as she walks towards the ring.

Harold Lambert: I prefer this GC's version!

Justin Test: What a parade!

Rebecca Rahming: I'm finsing this hilarious!

The pink GC hops into the ring and grabs a micro.

GC: Hello Sweeties! Let's have some fun.

The crowd goes wild and starts chanting.

Crowd: Pink GC! Pink GC!

Suddenly, the huge screen turns on as the lights fade off. On it is visible SRG walking through a corridor.

SRG: I'm going to turn that Bart yellow as a Simpson....Ohh! What's this?

SRG gets near a strange gray device.

SRG: I know what this is. This is what GC used to destroy my computer! If I just manage to work with this thing, I can ...

SRG smiles and starts pressing different buttons, with no apparent result.

SRG kicks the device and blast of light comes out of it.

SRG: What a blast! Let me see the result.

SRG peeps through the window and sees that the ring is gone and the crowd start murmuring worriedly.

SRG leaves the place as nothing had happened.


Harold Lambert: Oh my god! SRG killed 5 GC's!

Justin Test: I'm also shocked as you are.

Rebecca Rahming: And the ring is also gone!

Suddenly a familiar voice starts to be heard coming from everywhere.

Unknown: Muhahahaha


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